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What is ATM (AT The Money) Options?

ATM are those options having Strike near to Spot Price. Current Price and Underlying is near. Example : NIfty is trading at 16970 Put Option : 17100                    ITM 17000                    ATM 16900                    OTM ATM Option has Delta Value 0.50 why ??? Because Probability of Nifty going up or down from Current Price is 1/2 i.e. 50% Call Option : 17100                     OTM 17000                     ATM 16900                     ITM  For Option video : Exercise : Reliance : CMP 2200 Rs PUT Option : 1800 2100 2200 2500 Call Option : 2000 2100 2200 2400 You can Comment here for more updates and Query on any option related Topics.

Option Buy V/S Option Sell : Who will Race ??? Why ??? My Favorite Strategy

Option Buy v/s Sell

¨  Limited Risk

¨  Unlimited Profit

¨  Duration

¨  Implied Volatility

¨  Events to Avoid

Mix of Both :

  Do Directional Trade

  Limit your Profit  & Loss

  Risk Reward

  Probability of Favor


Strategy :




 My Favorite Strategy :

Spread Strategy 

Risk Reward 1:1

Put v/s Put or Call v/s Call

Probability of favor is high

Do Direction Strategy 

Some Event like Bonus, Buyback or Split Spread is Excellent

For Video :







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