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What is ATM (AT The Money) Options?

ATM are those options having Strike near to Spot Price. Current Price and Underlying is near. Example : NIfty is trading at 16970 Put Option : 17100                    ITM 17000                    ATM 16900                    OTM ATM Option has Delta Value 0.50 why ??? Because Probability of Nifty going up or down from Current Price is 1/2 i.e. 50% Call Option : 17100                     OTM 17000                     ATM 16900                     ITM  For Option video : Exercise : Reliance : CMP 2200 Rs PUT Option : 1800 2100 2200 2500 Call Option : 2000 2100 2200 2400 You can Comment here for more updates and Query on any option related Topics.

10 major reason for degradation of financial situation.....

In last 10 years, 10 major reason for degradation of financial situation of a family and the country

1. Everyone in family owns Smartphone. Say per Member one Phone
6*200 (Balance)= 1200 Per Month Plus Mobile Life Maximum 3 years so Average Costing comes every one year say 3000*6= Rs. 18,000

2. Vacations under social pressure and touring to visit new places as fashion .....
Even one visit to beach or a mall costs 5000 PM forget foreign vacations take per day 4000*4 days once in year comes 16,000.

3. Buying a car as a status symbol..
1000 KM x 15 per km =  Rs. 15000 Plus Loan Installment for such luxury.

4. Avoiding homemade food and unnecessarily eating out on weekends..
500*6*2 times in month = 6000 Per Month

5. Brand conscious for salons, parlors and clothes..
Take Average Expense of 1000 per month comes to 12000.

6. Trying to make Birthday and anniversary special by spending more money rather than time together.
Average 6 Family Member 6 Birthday and 2 Anniversary each cost 1500*8 = Rs.12,000

7. Grand weddings and family functions
Once in life time comes cost average of 25 years around 1 lakh per Year

8. Commercialization of schools and tuition's.. education...
Average fees 10000 Per Month for a single kid

9. Spending what you haven't yet earned... loan and credit card .
Average cost 5000 Per Family

10. Spoiled lifestyle forcibly increases medical expenses.
5000 Per Month Plus Medi claim of 15000 Per year cost.

Income is not growing at the rate at which expense is growing.. Results in more distress & less peace.

Just total out the entire cost of living with your income. We, say recession is key but in reality habit of people make tensed to live. Can't we do any help. Start living as per earning else life will be too boring.

Stay Investing in good option and start doing exercise make life happy and peaceful. Avoid unnecessary expense and start saving as much as you can.


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