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Shyam Metalics and Energy Limited IPO Detail, GMP, Key Dates etc

  Introduction : Incorporated in 2002 Metal Producer co, Such as  iron pellets, sponge iron, steel billets, TMT, structural products, wire rods, and ferro alloys Largest producers of ferro alloys in terms of installed capacity 4 th  player in the sponge iron industry.        Client List :      Jindal Stainless Limited, Rimjhim Ispat Limit are some of its domestic clients whereas Norecom DMCC, Norecom Limited, POSCO International Corporation, World Metals & Alloys, Traxys North America LLC, JM GLobal Resources, Vijayshri Steel Pvt Ltd, etc. are the international clients. Manufacturing plants  : located in Sambalpur in Odisha, Jamuria and Mangalpur in West Bengal.   Capacity to increase from 5.71 MTPA to 11.60  M TPA by 2025 Shyam Metalics and Energy Key Dates :   Date          :14-6-2021 To 16-6-2021   Fresh Issue    : Rs. 657 Cr.   OFS                : Rs. 252 Cr.   Total Issue Size   : Rs. 909 Cr.   Price Band     : 303 to 306   (Employee Discount

Be Master of using screener for fundamental analysis complete summary.....

Hello friends,

Let's learn one more tool of analysis I.e. fundamental analysis by utilizing

I have earlier told you to learn basic of ratio analysis, the crush of each ratio, motive behind each ratio why and where we use ratio. So, I hope all you did reading on ratio. Here, we will use ready tool where we will get easy output of each ratio but we should aware of ratio motive.

What to do now ?

First, all of us will create login identification in

Will do login here any for new investor do register here.

Once you get login you will allow to do study any stock list on screener. So by typing Asian paint on I am sharing what we will get on Asian paint.

So, here just typing company name I am getting all information at just one click.

Information relating to company overview, business, product etc in small detail.
Next I will get market cap, current price, 52 week high/low prices, book value, stock price to earning detail, dividend yield, return on capital employed, return on equity, sales growth last 3 years, listed on exchange, link of company website and face value etc

Then most important detail of company here Asian paint pros and cons of company. One can get good knowledge by reading company strength and weakness we can say it is kind of SWOT analysis

Then will get peer comparison and sector in which company is engaged.

Here one more additional function given by screener is you can make comparison also.

Further, figure given for quarterly result both standalone and consolidated both.

Profit and loss account both standalone and consolidated quarter wise.

Again further one can get full information on compounded sales growth, profit growth and return on equity for 3,5,10 years time frame.

Further, balance sheet for last 12 years where one can easily compare changes happen in balance sheet each year.

At last cash flows, ratio analysis and announcement made by company recently available at one click only.

Even annual report link of bse is also given here, so one can easily download full report.

Moreover, one can export to excel all financial detail of profit and loss , balance sheet and cash flow account to analyse further. Export excel option given on starting of information at front.
Now, enough talk done on screener result let's more focus on one more excellent feature in this tool I.e. creating your own preference stock.

How ?

Once e login at end will see below given blank box.

Here, given create a search query,  let's learn this how we can create search list.

Example: I am young and small risk taker person willing to invest in small cap company where cretria satisfy my condition.

What are all cretria.....

Current price should be 100 or less than 100
Market Capitalization should be below 200 cr
Promoter holding must be above 50%
Sales should be 100 cr or more
Company should be in profit at least figure should be in plus more than 0
Face value should be 10
Last 3 years sales should growth above 10%

These are my few criteria I am looking at.....

How you can put in screener.....

Here, I have added my criteria in screener list once you add your pre decided rule then
Click on  run the query

Screener  will produce available result to you. Here list of stock coming 78 company satisfying my set rule.....

Here, I am sharing 20 company name one can check all company.

My motive to show you example to learn how one can customize it's own screen here. You can set criteria as per your risk profile and investment size.

Try different screen and learn how we can find turnaround stock, blue chip company, dividend paying company and many more. One can do any wonder by using this tool of investment.

It is excellent tool created by mittal brother for entire community of investor.



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